Supporting Sustainable careers and employee well-being: does leadership behavior make a differrence?

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This study investigates how constructive leadership behavior affects the relationship between leader well-being and employee well-being. Mental health issues in the workplace have increased, as well as the financial costs and concerns about them. The need to improve and maintain employee well-being in this rapidly changing world has drawn its attention to supporting sustainable careers. Prior research has shown several beneficial outcomes for employees as a result of constructive leadership behavior, such as improved job satisfaction, performance, and psychological well-being. As the responsibility for a solution appears to shift to the leader, this study aims to deepen this understanding by considering the concept of leader well-being as well, which has been largely overlooked in current literature. A quantitative, cross-sectional study was conducted among 288 participants including employees and their leaders. This data was collected through an online survey. The results of this study did not support the statements of prior research as no statistically significant relationships between the key concepts emerged. Despite the results not supporting the presumed statements, this study builds on the role of constructive leadership behavior in improving employee well-being and how a leader can play a role in supporting sustainable careers.
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