THE INFLUENCE OF THE MULTIPLE TARGETS OF COMMITMENT ON INNOVATIVE WORK BEHAVIOUR A fresh look at the influence of commitment on innovative work behaviour

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This thesis researches the influence commitment has on innovative work behaviour. There is a need to research the influence of multiple targets of commitment on innovative work behaviour. This research takes the following targets into account: organization, supervisor, co-workers, career and profession. The focus in this thesis lays on the effect of (synergies of) multiple commitment targets on innovative work behaviour and the research question is: How does the effect of commitment work on influencing innovative work behaviour? The integrative complexity theory is central in this thesis. This is different from past research, which often used the social exchange theory as central theory. It can be concluded, after doing a quantitative research, that the amount of commitment targets influences, most of the time, the innovative work behaviour. Someone committed to multiple targets, shows (most of the time) more innovative work behaviour than someone committed to only one or zero target(s). This variable explains 6% of the variance in innovative work behaviour. Most of the time, the more targets someone is committed to, especially three or more; the more innovative work behaviour is shown. Due to limitations of this research, more research is needed to obtain a more perfect generalizable result.
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