An investigation into EFL advanced learners’ production of apology speech act through the use of explicit/implicit mode of training at Tien Giang University

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The major goal of the current study is to examine whether there were any significant variations at advanced L2 learners’ production of apology strategies when they were instructed with explicit and implicit training methods. Besides, the study aims at exploring which teaching method would generate more benefits for the learners at Tien Giang University. A total of 30 potential participants were randomly assigned into an either implicit training group or an explicit teaching group. Pragmatic features concerning apology strategies were taught through specific lesson plans designed for explicit or implicit purposes. The explicit group underwent four different stages in each lesson including presentation, explanation, practice, and feedback. The implicit traning group was also instructed with the same phases and received exposure to similar authentic input, but they experienced enhancement of input through extra activities outside the classroom. Tests relevant to written discourse completion tasks were dilivered to the partcipants before and after the training period with a pre-test, posttest, and delayed-test. The results indicated that both training groups showed significant differences and improvements at their production of the speech act after the treatment. However, the explicit training method generated more benefits to learners than the implicit training approach.
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