The Effect of a Robot's Gestures on Trust During a Personal Human-Robot Conversation

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Trust is an important aspect for the usability and acceptance of robotic systems, especially for social robots. Trust can a ect the e ectiveness of an interaction. Chatbot systems exist, which have been shown to reduce the symptoms of stress and other mental problems among students. How- ever, these systems are purely chat-based, while gestures are an important aspect of communication. This research focuses on how a robot's gestures in uence how it is perceived, especially how much it is trusted, while hav- ing a personal conversation. Participants had two conversations with a robot, one where the robot made gestures and one where it did not. The results of this study cannot be judged as signi cant, because of the small number of participants. However, the results suggest that a robot that makes gestures during a conversation is not only trusted more by most users, but also rated as more likeable and anthropomorphic. It would be interesting to do further research on this topic, since there is lots of room for improvement and the current results seem promising.
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