The effect of childhood stunting on adult life

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Childhood stunting is a pervasive problem, specifically in low-income-countries. This research studies the effects of childhood stunting on wealth, reproductive health and labor market position in the adult life of Sub-Sahara African women. It adds to the literature by including more countries and years than any other study. Moreover, this study recognizes spatial clustering by including fixed effects on village level, an improvement compared to the approach taken by the WHO. This means that women are compared to women within their own environment (PSU). This research confirms the theory, with the use of data from the Global Data Lab, and finds that shorter woman in Sub-Sahara Africa, face negative consequences from their short stature, which is probably due to stunting. They live in households with lower wealth, more often live in poverty, more often work in the agricultural sector and have less children than taller women. Moreover, there is an indirect negative effect trough the level of education. This study also includes an exploratative study towards the different effect of height in rural and urban areas. The results show that the effect of height is stronger in rural than in urban areas, when it comes to the level of household wealth, living in (extreme) poverty and the position on the labor market.
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