What does colour say about you? A thesis on the influence of background colour on judgements of two personality traits of the Big Five model of personality.

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In the employment process, leaving a favourable impression is often critical in receiving the expected results, namely securing a job. This often starts with creating a Curriculum Vitae (CV). Research has shown that first impressions are often made within 100 ms of a first meeting and are often based on visual information. Adding the right visual to a CV might thus be important. One way the visual aspect of a CV can be manipulated, is by adding a specific background colour to the passport photo. Studies have shown that specific colours can be related to specific personality dimensions of the Big Five model of personality dimensions. For example, the colour red has been found to be linked to Extraversion, the colour blue to Introversion and the colour red, green and blue have been linked to Openness to Experience.
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