Consumer Brand Relation Map - a New Brand Relationship Measurement Model

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Building relationships between consumers and brands constitutes a very important aspect of marketing. This is because brand relationships can influence the evaluation of the consumers or even their purchase intention, concerning this brand. Although several concepts exist in the literature that captures some aspects of consumer-brand relationship, brand attachment is the most well-known. In addition, regarding the importance of brand relationship measurement, we developed a new quantitative measurement technique, the Consumer Brand Relation Map (CBRM), in which the participants evaluate more than one brand of the same category, simultaneously. Hence the purpose of the present thesis is the application and validation of CBRM, in order to effectively measure brand attachment. For this reason, we interviewed 50 persons, who were asked to place twelve car brands inside a circle, in a distance from the center, according to their attachment to these brands. The closer the brand to the center, the more attached they are to it. In parallel, each participant answered in a questionnaire comprising questions on their purchase intention, loyalty, and trust (antecedents and consequences of attachment) to some specific brands that they had placed into the circle. The statistical analysis of the results of the CBRM method and the questionnaire showed that there is a positive and significant correlation between them. The last, proves the validation of the our method. The advantages of this method, which are that it is easy to apply, for both the researchers and the participant, it is costless, fast and it provides an abund
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