Escalator regions and the housing market. A qualitative analysis of expert opinions on the influence of the Randstad as an escalator region and Ede as a possible escalator region on the local housing market of Ede

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Escalator regions are urban areas where people can move at a young age (getting on the escalator) to take advantage of educational, job, housing, and social networking opportunities, only to move again later in life to live somewhere more tranquil with better housing prices. The big cities in the Randstad can be seen as an escalator region, but the town of Ede is also developing more and more of the characteristics of an escalator region. Because of the Randstad and Ede's developments, Ede is experiencing different relocation flows of different target groups between Ede and the Randstad. The research indicated that Ede experiences a larger outflow of young people due to the opportunities offered by the Randstad than an inflow of young people from the rest of the Netherlands due to the opportunities in Ede. The largest outflow consisted of people from the Randstad conurbation to Ede. As a result, the housing market in Ede will come under pressure from people who have more to spend, causing Randstad residents to settle in the new neighbourhoods of Ede in particular and pushing the local Eden residents away from the housing market.
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