Are they lying or trying to be Green? The effect of the type of Language used by firms in their sustainability claims on consumers’ Green trust

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This study focuses on the effect of the type of language used by firms in their sustainability claims on the consumer’s green trust in that firm. Besides, green expertise was added as a moderator. The data for this study was gathered via an online survey that was filled in by 209 Dutch consumers. Hereafter, an ANCOVA was used to analyse the gathered responses. The results were non-significant for the effect of type of language on green trust and for the moderator green expertise. However, additional analyses were conducted, showing that the direct effect of the manipulation check on consumers’ Green trust was in fact significant. This could carefully indicate that type of language does have an effect on green trust, but that the scenarios were not optimally developed. The outcomes of this research are valuable for e.g. firms and its marketers and consumers. Lastly, several recommendations for future research are provided, in order to improve this specific topic of research and to hopefully show significant results in the future.
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