Making an emergency dike: Flood risk perception of inhabitants of Arcen after the flood events in July 2021

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This thesis researches if the flooding event in July 2021 in Arcen influenced the perception of flood risk of the inhabitants of Arcen. The conclusion of the research is that the perception of flood risk did change for half of the respondents after the flooding event in July 2021. This change in perception of flood risk was influenced by the rate of how dreadful or unknown a risk is to people. Those factors were influenced by two of the three main features: awareness and worry. The third feature preparedness influences the other two features and so indirectly also influences the rate of how dreadful and unknown the risk was. These three features were influenced by cognitive and situational elements. Cognitive elements are experiences and how they felt. And the situational element; the intensity of the flood that people pass through. The cognitive element, actions and the situational elements, location of the flood and effects, did not have an influence on the change of perception on flood risk of the inhabitants of Arcen. For further research, it is recommended to focus on why people think they learned from the experience and the connection between flood risk and climate change perception.
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