Does feedback make you help me again? A quantitative analysis of the effects of peer feedback and firm feedback on customers’ continuance intention in future ideation contests

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The purpose of this research is to investigate the different effects of peer feedback and firm feedback on the continuance intention of customers in future ideation contests of the firm. Therefore, an experiment is conducted and distributed through a web-based survey. The experiment consists of written scenarios about a hypothetical ideation contest of a fictional furniture firm. The results show a marginally significant effect of peer feedback and a significant interaction effect of peer and firm feedback. However, continuance intention is not the highest when both are present. In contrast, firm feedback individually does not show a significant effect. This research is the first to show the interaction effect of peer and firm feedback on continuance intention, thereby giving a new perspective on the topic. The research further contributes to theory and practice by showing that peer feedback is more influential than firm feedback in its effect on continuance intention. Thus, for firms, it is recommended to enable peer feedback to increase their customers’ continuance intention to participate in their future ideation contests and to not provide firm feedback, as it does not pay off. The results of this study provide direction for future studies.
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