The quest for 'Truth'. A qualitative research into the use of Country of Origin information in the Dutch Asylum System.

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Asylum applicants must demonstrate that they are at risk to be prosecuted because of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership of a particular social group in their country of origin. To demonstrate such risks, there must be Country of Origin Information (COI). COI is information both about the human rights situation as the security situation in a country of origin and it plays an important role in European asylum systems. This research examines how Country of Origin Information (COI) is used in the Dutch asylum system to assess whether the statements of an asylum seeker are plausible. This has been examined by applying the qualitative research method ‘participant observation’. By means of letters with COI, it is examined how COI is used to find out "the truth" of asylum seekers. In addition, interviews were conducted to gain insights into how an asylum lawyer uses COI to support an asylum case and how the IND uses COI in the asylum decision-making. The results of this research indicate that the COI unit conducts an extensive research into COI and that the information found is used very carefully. However, the research demonstrates that are also some shortcomings and/or issues regarding COI and that there is bureaucracy involved in the creation and use of COI.
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