Exploring the Impact of National Culture on Corporate Philanthropy An Examination of Cultural Drivers and Gender Diversity in Top Management of Multinational Enterprises 23rd of

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Corporate philanthropy (CP) is an increasingly important aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility as it is gaining in popularity among numerous firms. Goals and effects of CP are often clear, but the drivers are yet to be explored. This thesis examines the drivers of CP within the context of national culture and gender diversity in multinational enterprises (MNEs). This study aims to clarify what the impact of national culture is on CP and how gender diversity in top management plays a role in this relation. Through data from the Refinitiv database among other sources, which entails roughly 1300 MNEs from six countries, a multiple linear regression was performed. The analyses demonstrate that national culture has a significant direct influence on corporate philanthropy, whereas gender diversity has an insignificant moderating effect. The study specifically reveals the important but minor impact of cultural dimensions on MNE contributions, with individualistic, power distant, and uncertainty avoidant cultures having a negative impact and masculine cultures having a positive effect.
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