How to mitigate Zoom fatigue during co-creation sessions in an online environment

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In times of COVID-19, many people rely on virtual conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Skype for business meetings, lectures, and even to catch up with friends or family. Because of this extensive use of video conferencing platforms, a new phenomenon called Zoom fatigue emerged. Within this study, it is assumed that Zoom fatigue negatively influences divergent creativity in a virtual co-creation context. This study aims to identify whether implementing schema-violations is a possible solution to the negative effects of Zoom fatigue on group divergent creativity within virtual co-creation sessions. The findings of the current study show that within virtual co-creation sessions, the participants did not experience high levels of Zoom fatigue, due to the interactive set-up of the session. Moreover, implementing schema-violations does not have a mitigating effect on the relation between Zoom fatigue and divergent creativity on a group level. Implementing schema-violations to the virtual co-creation session does have a positive effect on the productivity during the session. These findings can be of practical relevance for companies that rely on co-creation sessions for product innovation. By creating an interactive virtual co-creation session, Zoom fatigue can be avoided and by implementing schema-violations to their sessions, productivity during the session could be improved
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