A citizen perspective on the just practice of participation in urban greening

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This thesis tries to explain the discrepancies between the design and practice of participation in urban greening within the city of Apeldoorn. Within greening strategies, participation is often used as it directly affects citizens' daily practices in the public space. Within participation, discrepancies however seem to occur between the participatory design and practice. This research tries to explore if these discrepancies can be explained through the dimensions of environmental justice. It does so through the use of the social practice theory, based on policy document analysis, fifteen qualitative semi-structured walking-interviews, and participant observations. Results show both responsible active citizens and passive citizens. Besides, this thesis identified a group of citizens who want to become active but are currently passive. This group collides with the municipality and experiences barriers which seem to link to procedural injustices. Furthermore, also the experience of distributional injustice seems to play a role. This thesis concludes that the practice of citizens in urban greening can be explained through the interaction of the municipal design and the citizens' roles in the practice of participation in urban greening. Moreover, discrepancies between design and practice appear to be explained through the degree of distributional and procedural justice.
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