The Facilitators and Barriers of Increasing Social Job Resources among Nurses

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Job crafting is an innovative and flexible way of working, in which the employee proactively crafts their own job (Bakker, 2015). One of the ways to do this, is to increase social job resources. Even though job crafting has been researched more often lately, research on the specific part of increasing social job resources and within the nursing context is still lacking. This research explores the facilitators and barriers of increasing social job resources among nurses. Based on the results of 12 semi-structured interviews with nurses working in a hospital, a number of facilitators and barriers were identified. The main facilitators of increasing social job resources according to the nurses were personality traits, an empowering leadership style and working in an environment that uses tailored feedback, while the main barriers mentioned were a high workload, being closely monitored and a high level of routnization within the job. This research has contributed to the knowledge gap of increasing social job resources studies in general as well as exploring this concept within a healthcare profession. Besides that, this study also provides information for hospitals to optimize the work environment of nurses, and between supervisors and nurses, to also decrease nurses retention. To achieve a fully representative and broader view, further research is encouraged to repeat this study within different hospitals as well as other healthcare organizations.
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