The Discourse of Unity : Constructing Peace through Education in the Chittagong Hill Tracts

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This thesis concerns the topic of education and peace building, a topic that only recently has begun to receive attention and has become an issue on the agenda of the international development aid community. While the last editing of this thesis took place the United Nations (UN) has declared its resolution on Education in Conflict1, which I believe is the beginning of the international society giving more attention to this aspect of development. This thesis focuses on the geography of education and examines the special patterns of education and the role it has as a factor influencing geographical patterns of social and cultural occurrences in the specific framework of post- conflict environments. The aim of this research is to analyse the geography of education in a twofold way; Firstly, we will look into the general debate about the education programmes for development assistance in conflict/post-conflict regions. Secondly, based on the points raised during the debate and the following analyses, this research seeks to develop an argument and framework for the positive role of education in the conflict transformation and peace-building process. However, it is important to mention that this study does not aim to develop the definitive tool for assessing the impacts of educational development projects on the peace and conflict environment in which they are set, as one can be sure that the dynamics of each environment work against a rigid uniform framework. This research is rather aiming at the development of an approach to guide our assessment of the impact of educational development programmes in their complex interconnected environments.
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