Innovation in times of a nation-wide crisis – the COVID-19 example What translates innovation ambidexterity into superior firm performance during the COVID-19 crisis?

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This thesis focuses on the organizational capabilities that translate innovation ambidexterity into superior firm performance during the COVID-19 crisis. This research specifically focuses on enterprise agility and business model innovation (BMI). The assumption of full mediation is made, so the expectation is that the effect of innovation ambidexterity on firm performance is fully mediated by enterprise agility and BMI. This research empirically examines the extent to which innovation ambidexterity is positively associated with enterprise agility, enterprise agility is positively associated with BMI, and BMI is positively associated with firm performance. Additionally, this research explores the moderation effect of the COVID-19 crisis on these relationships. In order to analyse the hypothesized relationships, a quantitative study was conducted in De Liemers, a region within The Province of Gelderland. The main intention of this research is to 1) theoretically emphasize the importance of innovation during the COVID-19 crisis, and 2) translate the challenges that firms are currently facing into learning opportunities for the future, which could help firms to anticipate on a potential next crisis by strengthening the capabilities that are considered necessary. At the end of the research, implications for practitioners, limitations and recommendations for future research are provided.
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