Refugees or infiltrators? The possibilities and limitations for the Darfuri diaspora in Israel to engage in transnational activism

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This research examines whether Darfuri refugees in Israel engage in transnational activism to influence the ongoing conflict in their homeland, and to what extent their ability to do so is affected by Israel's migration and refugee policies. Since 2006, Israel has witnessed an influx of African refugees and asylum seekers. Due to a lack of adequate policies that address migration and asylum seekers however, the situation for refugees in Israel has become problematic. Not only has this led to tensions between the Israeli society and refugee community, it has also affected refugees' ability to effect change in Sudan. This study draws on interviews conducted with members of the Darfuri refugee in Israel, NGO's that work with refugees and written sources revolving around the influence of settlement policies on diaspora transnational activism. It finds evidence that refugees' ability to influence the situation in their homeland is heavily influenced by the conditions in their host-country. We see from the case of Darfuri refugees in Israel that they feel a need to focus on domestic political activissm to address their rights in the host country first, before they can engage in substantial transnational activism.
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