Quality of life and public space in Wijchen

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How do residents of different socio-economic backgrounds of the project-areas “TKWM” and “Wijchen-Zuid” experience their local public space and how does this affect their perceptions of quality of life? For the TKWM area, the results showed that the link between public space and quality of life cannot be made. The relationships that do exist do relate to the general appreciation of the area and are thus on a more abstract level. The local residents give a very positive rating of the different facets of the area and to public space. The most notable drawbacks are loiterers and traffic safety. For the Wijchen-Zuid case, there are several connections between public space and quality of life, namely in the dimensions health, personal development, services, security and the physical environment. The ratings of both the neighbourhood in general as public space are more positive than expected, judging by desk research and unstructured observation. The present problems in the physical environment can be found mainly in maintenance issues, both regarding infrastructure as the greenery. In terms of social problems, loitering and the negative image are the most notable results. Furthermore, the isolation of the socially vulnerable is a trend which needs to be closely monitored.
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