Informal learning among accountants in a Dutch accounting firm; Factors on informal learning in a Coordinated-Market Economy Accounting Firm

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More and more professions require constant learning from their practitioners, as does accountancy from accountants. As such accounting firms need to think of how to organize their organization that it can support learning. Research has shown that informal learning makes a greater contribution to learning among professionals than formal learning. This thesis aims to understand how informal learning can occur within a firm in a Coordinated-Market Economy Country like the Netherlands. To do this, the following research question has been answered: How do workplace learning related factors found within an accounting firm in a Coordinated-Market Economy enable informal learning? To answer the research question interviews have been conducted with associates within a Dutch accounting firm. The interviews showed that factors that enable informal learning to occur are strongly related to a culture conducive to learning which leads to a greater willingness among colleagues to help each other. Based on the results accounting firms are recommended to create a culture supportive of learning and to provide opportunities for colleagues of all levels to get to know each other, either through work related events or through social events.
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