Regional Identities in Overijssel

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In a time where local authorities get more responsibilities they are looking for alternative ways to stimulate their economies. One of these ways is attracting more tourists and investments by using regional identities. Therefore this study focused on how the regional identities in the Dutch province of Overijssel are experienced by inhabitants and how these identities relate with the perceptions of these regions by visitors of the province. There has been focused on two regions, the region of Twente that was a region with a thick identity that was rooted in shared values and history, and the region of Northwest Overijssel that had a more thin identity mostly because it lacked cohesion. Overall, the visitors showed a better image of a region when the region had a stronger identity. Therefore the visitors created a more diffuse image of Northwest Overijssel that was based on separate attractions in the region. While for Twente they described a more unified image with region wide characteristics and an authentic feeling. Despite the visitors not being aware of specific branding of the regions, they still seemed to know more about Twente than about Northwest Overijssel.
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