‘Suffering in silence’: A qualitative study of domestic violence against Turkish migrant women living in Germany during the COVID-19 pandemic

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This thesis is a qualitative study that uses interviews to explore the experiences of domestic violence against Turkish migrant women in Germany during the Corona pandemic. The aim is to gain insights into different individual crises to better understand the complexity of the interplay between two current crisis phenomena – the Corona pandemic and domestic violence. In addition, expert interviews are used to frame the work scientifically. The results of this study show that the domestic violence experienced by women is multi-faceted. Regardless of the Corona pandemic, there are many reasons why it is difficult for women to seek help and remain in violent relationships despite experiencing violence. Among the reasons is that migrant women in particular face additional stresses such as language barriers, limited economic resources, discrimination and racism, cultural value conflicts and social isolation, fear of stigmatization, family pressures, internalized violence, and traditional gender norms. In terms of the Corona pandemic, the study shows that both crisis phenomena are pervasive, and we see that domestic violence, an already existing problem, along with the Covid 19 pandemic, is even more threatening to many people. This is because it is nearly impossible to monitor what is happening behind closed doors – especially with government-imposed measures such as quarantine and isolation. Although the focus of this study is on Turkish migrant women, it is striking that is not just a crisis of Turkish migrant women in Germany, but a global problem that can affect anyone, regardless of ethnicity. It is therefore crucial to address this problem politically, scientifically and socially in order to end the cycle of violence.
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