Hope or Hype? The framing of Hydrogen technology in European media

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This thesis investigates how hydrogen technology is framed in media discourse in Europe. This study examines the actors and coalitions involved in the discourse, as well as the social and political contexts that have accelerated the promotion of hydrogen technology using framing theory. A significant research topic in the analysis of the framing of hydrogen technology is the role of coalitions and discourse. A two-mode network was used to study the interactions between actors and their attitudes toward hydrogen. The method used was content analysis of online news articles. According to the findings, technical and economic viability as well as environmental impact are the most common frames in media discourse, with a strong positive narrative of hydrogen and minor challenges. Two coalitions were formed, an advocacy coalition and an opposition coalition. Geopolitics and economic competition were two storylines that accelerated technology, which was then used to legitimise it. Technology optimism and utilisation were the two themes used to legitimise the technology, whereas the opposition coalition highlighted greenwashing and safety concerns to delegitimize it. This study suggests that hydrogen technology may be in a hype cycle, with implications for the public and for potential changes over time.
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