COO marker strategies: An experimental study regarding the influence of four COO marker strategies on attitude and consumer behavior in Germany and the Netherlands.

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In a world that becomes more global and internationally oriented, effective marketing strategies become increasingly important. One example of such a strategy is the use of country of origin markers. This strategy makes use of the supposed country of origin (COO) of a product. These COO markers intend to connect a product to a particular country. Multinationals can benefit from associations consumers have regarding a country, since a positive association between a product and the COO can affect consumer attitude and behaviour. There are several different COO strategies, but the only marker that received attention is the use of COO language. Research showed that this marker can have a positive effect on customers attitude and behaviour. No study so far has looked at the effectiveness of different COO marker strategies. Therefore, the purpose of this experimental study was to see whether four different COO marker strategies had a different effect on product attitude, purchase intention and perceived quality of a product. The four strategies researched in this experiment were: use of a brand name with COO embedded in the company name, a famous building, the flag and the language of the country of origin. Twenty-eight advertisements were created and shown to 120 German and 128 Dutch participants. Results showed that the COO markers did not lead to different evaluations of product attitude and purchase intention. On the other hand, for perceived quality some differences in effectiveness were found. The Dutch rated the quality of the advertisements with brand name COO higher than the other three strategies. This study yielded some first insight into the different effects of multiple COO markers and future research should investigate additional strategies and other countries.
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