Solidarity beyond the national boundary: Solidarity of individuals in the Netherlands with the Papuans living in West Papua

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The objective is to understand the existence of solidarity of individual actors in the Netherlands with the Papuans. The qualitative research method with phenomenological strategy, collecting data through conducting semi-structured in-depth interviews, and grounded theory as a method of coding and analysing were employed to attain the objective. The research looked at the individual solidarity actors, their foundations and actions of solidarity, and their networks to understand the solidarity. The solidarity emerged because the individual solidarity actors had certain backgrounds and connection with West Papua and the Papuans. The solidarity also related to the foundations for solidarity, in which identity, brotherhood in struggle, place tie, and idealism combined with knowledge about West Papua and the Papuans, and empathy or sympathy, influenced the emergence of solidarity. The individual solidarity actor took actions from having solidarity feeling: giving financial donations, raising awareness, and/or joining demonstrations. The solidarity foundation affected taking certain actions when the foundation entailed issues or causes that required action. Because of the network possessed by individuals, solidarity emerged, strengthened, or solidarity actions could be performed. Keywords: solidarity, individual solidarity actor, foundation for solidarity, solidarity action, network
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