Who The Fuck is Jett Rebel? Identiteit na teleologie

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Jelte Tuinstra, more commonly known as Jett Rebel, is one of the biggest Dutch pop-rock stars of the last years. Dutch filmmaker Linda Hakeboom portrayed Tuinstra in the documentary Who The Fuck Is Jett Rebel? In this documentary we can see the many different identities Tuinstra can perform. One moment we see a very shy, insecure and restless adolescent, the other we see an extravagant rock star who is at the centre of the attention. In this thesis, I will dig in deeper into the relation between these performances. To find an answer, I will first pay attention to the performatist approach of identity. Raoul Eshelman claims the return of the holistic subject, that appears through performances in text. For the notion of identity, this means we need to speak of identity as an text. However, because identity is an entity that is constantly produced, we need to see it as an open text. It is constantly moving and renewing. Through an analysis of the performances of Jelte Tuinstra, I will explain how this temporal appearance of identity works. In this analysis, I focus on two parts: the relation between the insecure Jelte Tuinstra and the extravagant Jett Rebel and the relation between authenticity and commerciality. The aim of this thesis is to show the problems existing between contemporary identity and teleology. Also I will suggest a alternative how this contemporary identity should be interpreted.
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