An HR shared Service Centre

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In this master thesis, an HR SSC at Royal Aware has been investigated to understand the role of management control in the developing phase of an SSC. Understanding the role of management control could contribute to a successful SSC. The research did reveal that management control in case of the HR SSC is not implemented from the start. Essential aspects of management control are missing, even though for this organization management control is important to improve the functioning of their HR SSC. The HR SSC does not set clear objectives and has not made formal agreements. They do not use key success performances, no targets are set, performances are not evaluated and no reward system is used. Further, most of the formal, information-based systems are missing. Due to the lack of formal agreements and other management control aspects, the HR SSC has experienced misunderstandings which made the SSC run less smoothly then it could. Further, the role of trust has been investigated. This research did also reveal that thin trust and thick trust are missing.. The limited role of management control and the lack of trust have both affected the development of a smooth HR SSC by creating misunderstandings.
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