The power of the pharmaceutical industry on the development of the Intellectual Property Rights in the framework of the European Neighbourhood Strategy towards Egypt : European Union’s external strategy as Neo-colonial policy to maintain the Capitalist system

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The past decades have shown growing political activity of transnational corporations (TNCs) and a change in governance from national institutions towards supranational institutions. The current study focuses on the kind of political activities of TNCs and their impact on policy making. The study focuses on whether the TNCs have become the main political actor which shape and create national and foreign policy, or whether the power lies in the hands of the supranational institutions. Besides, the study focuses on the impact and necessity of global liberal economic policy in order to sustain Europe’s economic growth and to maintain the capitalist system. Therefore the study investigates the relation between political and economic actors in the policy making arena of the European Union. The empirical part of my thesis will be based on investigating the external strategy of the European Union, and the role of the European transnational corporations in the development of this external strategy. Specifically, I will look at the Intellectual Property rights within the European Neighbourhood strategy towards Egypt and the power of the corporate political action of the Pharmaceutical Industry towards the European Commission to influence the development of this external policy.
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