A research on role conflict and commitment of middle managers in healthcare

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In this study influence of role conflict on the commitment of middle managers is examined for commitment to three separate groups namely the organisation, the clients and the employees. This research contributes to the literature by focussing on the role and experience of middle managers in the healthcare sector. This sector is not known to be examined on the subjects of role conflict and commitment before but is expected to be an interesting context. Definitions and measurements scales of both commitment to clients as commitment to employees are constructed to fill a gap in the literature. Based on Social Exchange Theory it was expected that the experience of role conflict of middle managers would negatively influence the commitment to the organisation. Also, it was expected that the experience of role conflict would positively influence the commitment to the clients and the commitment to the employees of the middle managers. The results showed no significant relationships between role conflict and the multiple foci of commitment so all hypotheses were rejected. At the end of this research conclusions are made and managerial implications and limitations are discussed.
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