The Odd Ones In: The Cloudcuckoolander as character type in recent popular films

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In this thesis I analyse the characteristics of what I perceive as a new character type in films that is considered different but very valuable: the Cloudcuckoolander. I do this by studying characteristics of what seem like female Cloudcuckoolander characters: Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter-series (2001-2011) and Dory from Finding Nemo (2003) and Finding Dory (2016). That is why my research question is the following: What are the symbolic meanings of female Cloudcuckoolanders and their relevancies to the narratives in recent popular films? By analysing their outer appearance, personality, Otherness, narrative relevance and symbolic meanings I provide an answer to the research question. I do this with, among others, the use of theorists A.J. Greimas’ actantial model, J. Eder’s ‘Clock of Characters’ and the notion of Othering. In the conclusion I establish the characteristics of the female Cloudcuckoolander. The Cloudcuckoolander is a non-stereotypical character, an Other who moves from the margins towards the centre within the film’s narrative(s).
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