"GOOD NEIGHBOURS FOR A BETTER ENERGY MIX local community involvement for wind energy development"

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The main purpose of this thesis is to illustrate how antecedents of community engagement strategies influence their outcome as competitive advantage. It showcases direct links between community engagement strategies and their antecedents. Through illustrating the causal link of antecedents and community engagement strategies and evaluating the outcome, competitive advantage and therefore financial benefits of CSR activities are implied. Community Engagement undertaken by organizations can be a source of multiple benefits, which may turn out to be a competitive advantage. The analysis of the gathered data at the case organization revealed the outcomes of community engagement, while focusing on its antecedents. If antecedents are considered while setting up a community engagement strategy, organizations are able to undertake activities with the result of increased trust and after all a reputation as a good neighbor. Through this research I illustrate causal links between community engagement strategies and their antecedents, which is new to academic literature. Community Engagement is often conducted by organizations with just a tangential effect on financial performance. This thesis illustrates its potential as being a source of competitive advantage.
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