Software requirements for Industry 4.0

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The aim of the current research was two sided. First, to close the gap in the scientific literature between papers providing Industry 4.0 maturity models and papers discussing Industry 4.0 software. Second, to provide a better understanding for companies of what Industry 4.0 software was recommended to be implemented when progressing to the final Industry 4.0 maturity stage. In order to do so, two separate systematic literature searches were conducted. The first literature search was conducted on Industry 4.0 maturity models. The second literature search was conducted on Industry 4.0 software. The results of these literature searches were then synthesized generating an Industry 4.0 maturity model consisting of five levels. At Level 0, the organisation is not aware of Industry 4.0 where at Level 4 full Industry 4.0 maturity is reached. With regard to the software, nine different software categories were included namely: Internet of Things, Internet of Services, cloud computing, Big Data, Augmented Reality, cyber security, Simulation and Modelling techniques, Cyber-Physical Systems, and Semantic technologies. This paper resulted in one comprehensive literature based model where for each Industry 4.0 maturity level the recommended Industry 4.0 software is specified.
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