Power refugee. A contextual analysis of refugee art: the case of Humanity House, The Hague

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In this Master Thesis an artwork, in which the writer was personally involved in, will be deconstructed. The artwork is named Power Refugee and can be observed on the front page. At first glance, the artwork might not seem complex, but during my research it has been proven to be both complicated in meaning and appearance. This will be symbolized in the analysis, which will deal with both the creative process, production and eventual display of the artwork at a museum. The Master Thesis will argue that the artwork Power Refugee has proven to be an empowering example of storytelling and a multifaceted approach in which prevalent stereotypes of refugees were either left out or subverted. Furthermore, the intricacies of displaying two refugees in a museum will be exemplified. The Master Thesis will demonstrate the importance of an inclusivity-focused museum in which the ideal conditions can be created to conceive an artwork and by which both the location, artist and individuals portrayed are represented equally and successfully.
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