Accelerating the Circular Economy in the Netherlands. How the regional government can accelerate the circular economy by supporting circular projects

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The goal of this thesis is to create a structured approach for the Dutch regional government to support Circular Breakthrough Projects. This structured approach is based on the Stage Gate Theory, a model used for product development and not often used in project management. Therefore, this thesis will test if the Stage Gate Theory can be used in the project management of the circular economy. This study started with a literature review to identify the current barrier in the Circular Economy and to design a model based on the Stage Gate Theory. The next step was to interview several actors who are involved in the circular economy to arrange the several criteria and policy instruments. This is done by the use of Template Analysis. The result of this thesis shows that circular economy is at the start of the transition. Therefore the model can be used in the first phases of a circular project. It cannot be used as a structured approach further in the model as there are no policy instruments or criteria found or discussed during the interviews.
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