Geography of the Arab Spring : An analysis of the Syrian revolutionary process from a spatial point of view

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The aim of this thesis is to reduce the gap that exists between the theoretical and empirical knowledge about revolutionary processes, the Arab Spring in particular. The research consists of a case study of the revolution in Syria. The country is suffering from a civil war which is the result of the violent approach the Syrian regime used to quell the popular uprisings of early 2011. The case is approached from a geographical point of view. The reason for thischoice is that studies regarding the Arab Spring or revolutions in general are highly politically oriented. The spatial orientation as used in this thesis results in both interesting and useful insights in the Syrian casestudy, but also in the Arab Spring as a whole and of revolutions in general. The study has been a desk research, as field research in Syria at this point in time is dangerous and also requires more time and money than was available for this particular research. The data used to analyze the case has been collected from a selection of the thousands of scientific papers and books, newspaperand background articles and policy documents that are widely available. In order to present an image as objective as possible, data from various sources is used. The method used in order to analyze the Syrian revolutionary process is loosely based on several methods of qualitative research, such as grounded theory and critical discourse analysis.
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