Participate your way into integration - a research on the factors that play a role for female asylum seekers to participate in integration activities

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Preliminary research has shown that only a small percentage of women (13%) participate in participation activities in the Grave asylum seekers' centre compared to the percentage of men (31%). During this research, 25 female residents of the asylum seekers' centre were interviewed about the reasons why women are (not) willing to participate. This research points at a number of important factors that influence women’s decision whether or not to participate. The first factor is information sharing. Currently this is not yet sufficient, since one third of the women interviewed were not familiar with the existence of the activities. Religious and cultural factors do also play a role. For example, gender roles were perceived very different in the countries of origin of the women compared to the Netherlands. In addition, the current range of activities does not fully meet the needs of women. For example, there are no activities that are only accessible to women and insufficient attention is paid to sports and contact with the Dutch. It should however be noted that the range of activities on offer is indeed important, given that it contributes to the well-being of residents and to a certain extent prepares them for their future.
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