Breaking Barriers Identifying Human Resource Barriers to the Adoption of Industry 4.0 Technologies in Dutch Manufacturing firms.

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This research sought to uncover human resource related barriers to the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies among Dutch manufacturing firms. Empirical methods were used through employing data from the European Manufacturing Survey to test a series of hypotheses connected to barriers previously identified in different national contexts. A secondary goal was to contextualize any barriers supported and offer alternatives on how to tackle these barriers. The main findings support two barriers, one related to the lack of competency recording, and another related to the lack of annually pre-determined days for training. The barrier stemming from a lack of competency recording inhibits Dutch manufacturing firms from achieving an overview of acquired competences, and thus consequently disallow the change in organizational behavior through hiring and training. The barrier stemming from the lack of annually pre-determined days for training inhibit Dutch manufacturing firms from creating a culture in which change, and personal development, are central and the need for theoretical and practical training is addressed. Moreover, a lack in pre-determined training days inhibits employees from remaining competitive in their field, and thus diminishes the firm’s competitive advantage. Through discussion these barriers were contextualized, and an attempt was made to ‘break’ the barriers.
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