Towards a sustainable winter sports vacation. Measuring and explaining tourists intention to act sustainable on a winter sports vacation

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Many people engage nowadays in more sustainable practices in their everyday life. Sustainable behavior on vacation is, however, still lacking. A reason for this might be the intention-behavior gap. The purpose of this study is therefore to investigate whether there is already the intention to act sustainable on a winter sports vacation. A second goal is to explore how this intention (if it exists) can be explained to extend the knowledge about sustainable tourism. The last objective is to determine whether intention is able to change. If it can increase intention might quicker transform into actual behavior. The results confirmed that there is already intention to act sustainable on a winter sports vacation, which gives an impression that an intention-behavior gap exists. Thereby attitude and the subjective norm are the strongest predictors to explain intention. Besides that, also acting sustainable at home has a large influence on predicting intention. The degree of knowledge did only moderate the relationships between perceived behavioral control and intention. Attitude and the subjective norm were not moderated. Furthermore, nudging and giving a financial incentive were not able to change intention. Finally, a few theoretical and managerial implications and suggestions for further research are provided.
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