Distancing from the car. The willingness of residents of Utrecht to park their car remotely at Mobility Hub XL Papendorp

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The municipality of Utrecht wants to develop several car-free neighborhoods with the possibility of remote parking at a mobility hub at the edge of the city. However, for this development, it is important to gain more insight into the current mobility behavior of residents, and how this will change when having to park remotely. This thesis aims to create a better understanding in the change of mobility behavior of residents when having to park remotely and the factors influencing this behavior. To do so, a survey and interviews were conducted with residents of Utrecht. The theory used to interpret the results is the theory of practice by Shove et al. (2012). Three typologies of the changing behavior of residents when living in a car-free neighborhood can be distinguished. The first one consists of people who would get rid of their car, most often because they already have an unstable practice of car use. The second typology consists of residents who think to use their car less when remotely parked and the final typology of people who do not think to use their car any differently. Based on the results, several recommendations for the implementation of the hub are done.
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