AN ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE TO ACHIEVE THE STRATEGY OF HOSPITAL X. A study on the conditions by which the organizational culture of hospital X can contribute to its design strategy

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To become future-proof, hospital X implemented a new strategy based on the ideas of Christensen, Grossman and Hwang (2009). However, it is unknown whether the culture of X is congruent with the strategy, while this is necessary for a successful implementation. The research question of this study is: “To what extent does the culture of hospital X provide the conditions to achieve its strategy?” This is investigated within the ‘Diagnostisch Bedrijf’ with a mixed methods approach. The six cultural dimensions, described by Cameron and Quinn (2006), should provide the necessary conditions to achieve the strategic enablers of Christensen et al. (2009). The necessary conditions are provided if they belong to an adhocracy culture. The overall culture of X is dominated by an adhocracy culture, but this is not visible in all necessary cultural dimensions. The culture of X fully provides three conditions and partly provides two conditions to achieve its strategy. The condition of the dominant characteristics is not provided: the hierarchy culture seems to dominate in all strategic enablers. As a result, the culture insufficiently stimulates the strategic enablers. The necessary conditions that are fulfilled are insufficient to realize the strategic enablers. These results indicate that the culture does not provide the necessary conditions to achieve the strategy.
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