A better world for all? The transforming field of development cooperation in the Netherlands. The influence of notions of security on the way the migration-development nexus is reconceived by a transforming Dutch development cooperation field

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The traditional landscape of development cooperation makes way for a more diverse and complex field that includes new actors and approaches; a phenomenon that also occurs in the Netherlands. Furthermore, migration is becoming an important part of the pillars of the Dutch development agenda. Therefore, as the policy domains of migration and development tend to increasingly intertwine and the migration-development nexus is becoming politicized within the European Union, this research studies the transforming development cooperation field of the Netherlands and how notions of security affect the way in which the migration-development nexus is conceived in it. The thesis specifically focuses on the Dutch development sector that entails practitioners and projects concerning the subject of migration and border security. The results show that the Dutch development cooperation field transformed in many ways. The findings regarding the migration-development nexus can be summarized into the understanding that some characteristics of the link were acknowledged and considered valuable. Yet, the idea that there is a direct link between bringing development and stopping migration is considered to be simplistic. However, there is an understanding that the migration-development nexus can be used as an ‘idée-fixe’ by the Dutch government: to instrumentalize development cooperation as a way to halt migration and thereby limit security threats that are considered to be caused by international migration.
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