The accessibility of housing finance for middle income housholds: the case of uganda

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Anecdotal evidence provided by Easy Housing indicates that for middle income households in Uganda it is difficult to obtain housing financing. As a material living condition, housing is a key determinant for the quality of life. Therefore, proper access to housing finance is imperative for households and societies to thrive. This study aims to identify the barriers to access the housing finance market for middle income households in Uganda as well as potential solutions to overcome these barriers. The study uses a qualitative research approach with semi-structured interviews to investigate the barriers of housing finance. Barriers identified are low and instable incomes, high cost of living, high interest rates, proper legal documentation, a poor saving climate, high transaction costs, short-term contracts, among others. The solutions suggested indicate that Ugandan housing finance market stakeholders envision a large role for both banks and the government to enhance the accessibility of housing finance markets in Uganda. But, more importantly, each stakeholder agrees that the potential for collaborations should be examined. The research contributes to the literature by providing an understanding of the accessibility of housing finance markets for middle income households in Uganda by integrating the views of various stakeholders.
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