Municipalities at the Wheel of Urban Food Policy; An insight into values and approaches within Dutch municipalities in governing food system transitions

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This thesis explored the newly emerging role of municipalities in the Netherlands in cultivating local food system transitions and specifically which underlying values colour the different approaches of municipalities and aimed to answer the question: ‘How do values shape the engagement of Dutch municipalities in food policy?’ The scope of the research pinpointed how the municipal role in cultivating changes in the Dutch food system is perceived within Dutch municipalities, how food fits into the municipal responsibilities, how different food system challenges are prioritized and how different food system related values are being expressed within Dutch municipalities. The results showed that on the one hand the engagement of most municipalities in the Netherlands is still in its infancy, and it might therefore be too soon to determine to what extent values within municipalities are actually influencing food policy engagement. On the other hand, current practices implicitly show how values are certainly at play in food policy engagement and the major steps ahead will be to get values across municipalities in the Netherlands to align and to work towards a clear common vision of how to go forward.
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