Negative Word of Mouth on Twitter.

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Organizations face great challenges when communicating via social media. More and more companies are using Twitter these days to serve their clients via Internet and react to complaints or negative Word of Mouth. In their use of Twitter, they can choose different styles of communication. The style we aimed to research in this paper is the Human Voice companies can use when replying to tweets with negative Word of Mouth. A Human Voice in tweets is a way of personalisation used by companies to give customers the feeling that they are interacting with a human instead of a big, faceless company. This research aimed to discover differences in the use of Human Voice in tweets by profit and Non Profit organizations. This could assist organizations in learning from each other’s techniques and adapting (or improving) their communication styles. Furthermore, we aimed to discover whether there is a connection between the reason why people complain on Twitter and the kind of organization they are directing their complaint to. A corpus has been made consisting of 3290 tweets, all containing a form of negative Word of Mouth. With these tweets, multiple analyses have been performed. We found out that there was an almost significant correlation between the Use of Human Voice and the kind of organization. This indicates a weak relationship between the use of Human Voice and the kind of organization. The use of Human Voice might differ a lot per organization, and supposed is that the Profit Organizations use it in a stronger degree because they assign greater value to customer experience than Non Profit Organizations do. We found a significant correlation considering the reasons for complaint. This means that people complain to Profit Organizations for other reasons than to Non Profit Organizations. This finding could assist companies in adapting their communication style on Twitter to the different reasons and backgrounds of the complaints.
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