Bicycle infrastructure and cycling in small towns in the Netherlands

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The factors that affect why individuals may choose to cycle are vast. Evidence suggests infrastructure is a key factor affecting cycling levels. This thesis will investigate the correlation between cycling infrastructure and cycling levels within small towns in the Netherlands. A brief review of cycling in the Netherlands is presented to understand why cycling is remarkably popular across the country and extensive prior research is discussed regarding factors that affect cycling levels. The existing research is fundamental to the theoretical framework developed here. The framework included factors affecting cycling levels and determined how cycling infrastructure affects cycling levels. Through statistical analysis the relationship between the factors, focusing on factors of cycling infrastructure, was assessed. The data utilised in the analysis was inadequate to produce statistically significant results. Nonetheless, the correlation between bicycle infrastructure and cycling levels is significant, as has been examined by several authors, in existing cycling research. In summary, this analysis did not produce statistically significant results accounting for the relationship between all factors identified in the theoretical framework. While the research question could not be answered through the collected data it has been confirmed that there is a positive relationship between the existence of suitable cycling infrastructure and high cycling levels. Further research would be required to produce statistically significant results to determine the exact correlation between cycling infrastructure and cycling levels in small Dutch towns.
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