The well-being of high-skilled workers in the gig economy

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The objective of this research was to explore the effects that several factors have on the well-being of web developers working in the gig economy. A total of five factors were taken into account; Viability, Career path certainties, Organizational challenges, Relational challenges, and Work identity. This study followed the GIOIA methodology through qualitative research by conducting in-depth interviews. A sample of seven respondents who work as a web developer on the platform of Fiverr. After the coding process, it became clear that the viability of the gig workers negatively impacts their well-being. Furthermore, the organizational challenges they face were also found to have a negative effect. On the other hand, the relational challenges are almost non-existent. Therefore, their well-being is positively affected. Next to this, the troubles with regard to their career path and work identity are also almost non-existent Thus, their well-being is also positively impacted. In this thesis, a greater explanation is given of how these factors affect the well-being of web developers working as gig workers.
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