What Is the Future of Organic Food: Organic National Brands or Organic Private Labels? The impact of perceived availability of organic private label products on the purchase intention of organic national brand products

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Hereby I present you my master thesis for the master marketing at the Radboud University Nijmegen. It is a quantitative research that is aimed at providing an answer for the question of to what extent the perceived quality of organic private label products has an impact on the purchase intention of organic national brand products. This research allows me to apply the knowledge and skills that I have gathered during my study. Also, it helps to develop new knowledge and skills, like how to set up academic research from scratch without any guidelines or frames. Besides the fact that this research helped with improving my academic knowledge and skills, it also allows me to dive deeper into the topic of my interest, namely organic food. During the courses in the master marketing and during my internships I already came into contact with this topic, and by writing this master thesis my interest in this topic even further increased. I would like to thank my supervisor Dr. H. J. Schmidt for his support during the master thesis trajectory. Furthermore, I would like to thank my family and friends for their emotional support during this master thesis process.
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