Citizen Participation in the Regional Energy Strategy: Conditions for Social Acceptance

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To implement the goals of the Paris Agreement, the Dutch Government presented an instrument, the Regional Energy Strategy (RES). The Netherlands is divided into 30 energy regions and each region is responsible to develop a RES. According to NP-RES (2019), social acceptance and support are necessary to implement the RES, and therefore energy regions are obliged to involve citizens and stakeholders in the RES-process. From the start of the RES-process at the end of 2019 until April 2021, energy regions and municipalities organized citizen participation for the RES. It is the question which conditions of this process influence social acceptance of the RES. This study focused on the local citizen participation processes in the Energy Region U16. The research had a case study design and used several qualitative methods to collect the data of this research. Based on the findings, the research indicated three types of conditions in the citizen participation process which influence social acceptance of the RES: conditions related to the governance framework of the RES-process, conditions related to the collaborative process between the local government and the local community, and conditions which were not included in the literature review of the research.
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