The project procedure from the Environmental Act in the GGA-GB in North Brabant

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De Province of North Brabant has started the area-based approach called the GGA-GB. At the moment of research the GGA-GB is a voluntaire cooperation of partners in the area. However a to have a legal foundation a administrative decision has to be taken. Due to the expectation that the Enviornmental act will enter into force the administrative decision has to comply the Enviormental Act. The administrative decision under the Enviormental Act that offers the legal foundation for the futher uptake of the GGA-GB is called the project decision which can be taken after the projectprocedure. Many authorities are wondering how the participation process projectprocedure should be carried out and how the current working methods in the area processes can lead to possible discrepancies in order to prevent those discrepancies. This has led to the following main question: "In what way does stakeholder participation have to be implemented in phases 1-3 in the project procedure for the area processes of the Ulvenhoutse Bos, Strabrechtse Heide and the Peelvenen of the GGA-GB of the Province of North Brabant according to the new Environmental Act and what discrepancies are expected considering the hindering and facilitating factors for stakeholder participation in these area processes?"
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